Ami Latte

Singer / Songwriter

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan in 1989. Currently performing mainly in Tokyo. With the influence of her jazz vocalist mother, grew up listening to jazz. While attending Waseda University and studying Art History, spent a year in the US. After returning to Japan she got a job at an IT company and at the same time she started studying jazz on her own. In 2016, she did her first gig in Tokyo. Only 6 months later, she was chosen as one of the top 8 finalists at the 36th Asakusa Jazz Contest in Japan. From 2017, she started singing at Hilton Hotel Tokyo and Starbucks Coffee in Japan. In 2018, she also started singing at Nagoya Marriot Hotel and she got 1st prize at Kobe Shinkaichi Jazz Vocal Queen Contest in Japan.

Before she started singing jazz, she was hesitant to follow her dream of becoming a singer. But she fell in love with jazz and it gave her courage and taught her that it is ok to make mistakes and become more free. Now her goal is to encourage people who are hesitant to do new things or follow their dreams through her music. Also, she wants many people to enjoy jazz including the people who are not familiar with jazz. She does this by creating new collaboration jazz events for example “Mystery Game×Jazz”, “Live Painting×Jazz” or etc.

Currently she is creating original jazz based songs and aims to have her independent performance at Blue Note Tokyo.